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01. Your name* :: Lucy B.
02. Location :: Herndon, VA
03. Age :: 17
04. Bands you listen to :: Built to Spill, the Solace Bros., Modest Mouse, Kind of Like Spitting, Rocky Votolato, the Dismemberment Plan, strike anywhere, the Velvet Underground, CEX, Engine Down... and um... more.
05. Your definition of emo :: Emo really is everything. There is no certain style that goes along with it... I mean, if i'm not mistaken, emo deals with emotions... so a person can't "look emo." at least, that's what I think. Emo, simply put, is pure emotion. It's not a trend. Because trendy people don't think for themselves. But, I guess my definition would have to be as follows: Emo is the ability to express oneslef through forms of art such as painting, writing, photography, song writing, debating, talking, ect. If you feel something and you let the world know... even if it's just by sitting around moping all day for the world to see, you are emo. I dunno. It's hard to define, I guess.
06. Hobbies :: Newspaper production, writing essays and short stories, taking narccisistic photos, skateboarding, making skate videos, eating...
07. Favorite things :: i heart my skateboard very very much so. I love love love built to spill. my stuffed teddy bear appropriately named beary. And then the much loved REMEMbear that I recieved from "grief group" graduation. I love it's a cool place. I have a lot of favourite things.
08. Least favorite band :: i do not like anti-flag.
09. Why are you joining :: good question. perhaps it's because i'd like to. but then again, you never know... maybe i'm just bored. but if I'm doing this then I'm doing something so I shouldn't be bored. I'm not bored. maybe I'm just a community whore. No. No. I think it's something more...
10. Favorite books :: tales of ordinary madness by charles bukowski, naked by david sedaris, and and and this side of paradise by f. scott fitzgerald.
11. Keywords we should add :: rocky votolato, long showers, grocery stores...
12. Post some of your pictures if you have any ::

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